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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pics of ultrasound and Boggs Springs

Things have been so busy at home the past few days. I am finally getting this commentary up. Obviously, the pictures are of the ultrasound. Not that you can see much from them, but thought I might include them. Then the ones of Emma Grace are at Boggs Springs, a camp, that our church kids were at this week. We went up there to see them. She was sipping water and then spitting it out on the concrete, true to girlish form! I told her to go spit on her daddy, and she did, what an obedient girl. She had so much fun getting dirty and hot out there. She would have loved to dive in the creek, but the family of snakes that were close by was not comforting enough for me to let her get in. I am still a city girl at heart. And snakes were not what I wanted to encounter in the middle of no where Arkansas. So we contented her with just looking at the creek for the time being. (Tal assures me that "his boy" will want to hunt, fish and pick up slimy stuff, so I should get used to it. But I am still claiming my right to my little girl not being too much of a boy...)

Well, I am at work. I plan on updating more as the day goes by. I have a few days to catch up on. So hopefully later in the day I can say more.


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