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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nothing big happened today

Today has been just a day as they normally go. Emma and I hung out and played and got a few things done. Then we took our nap. I was so tired, it was great. I haven't had the most amount of energy lately. I was supposed to work tomorrow, Wednesday, but a kind lady at work is working my shift and then I will work Thursday and Friday. I was glad because I just did not see how going in on Wednesday and then back on Friday was going to work. And with the way things are here, I did not want to leave Tal tomorrow.

Sorry I haven't gotten many pictures lately. Things just haven't put me in the picture mood lately.

Pray for Emma's leg. She has a little boil on her leg that is causing her some discomfort. Tal worked on it while she was taking her second bath today. So now she is wearing two bandaids, one on each leg. Hopefully, she won't need to visit the doc for this one. We are going to keep an eye on it.

Talk to you soon,


Jamie said...

Much love and prayers. You'll get through these trials.


Grammy said...

Hope and pray that today is easier. We just have to trust God to help us through. Love, Grammy