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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A night with the Ewings

Emma was having so much fun today looking at her baby pictures. She would flip every page and talk about herself and then say "BABY". She would then talked about Elliot. It comes out "elle eee it". One of her favorite pastimes these days is to read my day by day pregnancy book, which somehow she has figured out it is about the baby, and she will say "dokdadfjhdifan....babeeee." and then turned the page and say it again. It is darling. She loves to read most books these days, but you cannot always understand anything she says.

Up until the last few days, Emma has hated her bath. But that last few weeks, Tal has had to give her a bath and he has made a game of it for her. And now if you even mention bath, she is running full speed (And I mean running) to the hall closet to get her washcloth. Then she will come back and say wash cloth bath. She even tells Tal now when the water is the right temp. He turns it on, and then lets her test it. She will say if it is "hot, hot" "cold" or "okay". Too funny. That girl knows what she likes.

Her other favorite pastime is using her daddy as a jungle gym. She will make him sit on the floor with his back to the recliner. She then runs from the back of the chair and dive over his head or shoulder and do a flip over him. Then she will walk on him. And finally she will blow raspberries on his stomach. (and she is good, I thought I was the master, but she is better now than I am. She can make it last almost ten seconds. and she knows just where to get you on the ribs to make it really tickle.) Tonight she was blowing raspberries and he got up for a second. She stood up put one hand on her hip and said down!!!!! (and pointed with the other hand to lay down!)

You should see her right now. She has a mess trash can (no, it has never been used for trash, only her toys) over her head and yelling, "DDDDAAADDAAAA" and then giggling at the top of her lungs. I just wish I could see what was going through her head about these times. She is never a dull moment!

So I finally called and made the apology that could have been just forgiving someone. It turned out well. I am glad I did her not just for my sake, but hers too. She was having such a hard time with it and felt bad. I feel bad that I wasn't a better friend and sister in Christ, but am glad that God finally soften my hard heart! Maybe one of these days I will learn.

Well, that is our day. I will leave you with my devotional of the day and then the pictures of the night!

Transforming Power
Author: Elisabeth Elliot
If God is almighty, there can be no evil so great as to be beyond his power to transform. That transforming power brings light out of darkness, joy out of sorrow, gain out of loss, life out of death.
Sometimes we boggle at the evil in the world and especially in ourselves, feeling that this sin, this tragedy, this offense cannot possibly fit into a pattern for good. Let us remember Joseph's imprisonment, David's sin, Paul's violent persecution of Christians, Peter's denial of his Master. None of it was beyond the power of grace to redeem and turn into something productive. The God who establishes the shoreline for the sea also decides the limits of the great mystery which is evil. He is "the Blessed Controller of all things." God will finally be God, Satan's best efforts notwithstanding. Receive Elisabeth Elliot as a daily devotional

Emma with her pictures
Emma and her bubble machine. It is a dinasour the spits bubbles. She finally figured it out, by herself, and now wants to do it all the time.
Emma doing the bubble stomp. Blues Clues has a line in the song that say "stomp you feet", so she has gotten into stomping. And including the bath water, the bubbles are probably her second favorite stomping pastime.

Well that is all for the night. I will add more tomorrow. Hopefully, Emma will let me sleep later than 7:30 that she did this morning. I really like my sleep!


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The Charlebois said...

P.S. I got your package and went and picked up the goods yesterday. Amber is going to be so blessed!!!! Wish you could be here - she is so cute and HUGE!