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Monday, August 28, 2006

Mondays laundry

Well, I don't know if that was what it was officially, but that is how my rhyme will go. Today has been slow. I am still working on getting all the clothes sorted out and packed. But I have great hopes that the next three hours or so will be more profitable than the beginning of the day. I did get out and get a few things we needed for dinners this week and to get things sorted through here. I probably would get a lot more done, except Emma likes to sit in your lap and color or read books. I just don't want to pass up on a minute when she wants to cuddle or snuggle while she is busy. She will be too big too soon to sit in my lap and color, so we cherish every second.

I read this article today, actually it is a letter written by a mother to a child that she was carrying and that she knew would never live a day outside her womb. Some complications had caused the baby to not be able to survive, but the pregnancy itself was relatively like others she had had. So she felt the baby move and kick, and bonded with the child inside of her. I read it and thought of all the emotions that I have felt with the miscarriage six months ago. There have been times that I have wished it did not happen and wished God had done something different. That if the baby wasn't going to live, wouldn't it had been better just not to get pregnant. But after reading this, I realized that I was very privileged to have carried this child even for eight weeks. And that one day we will be together forever in heaven. After reading that article, I was more convinced that God gave us Isaac for a reason and that instead of wishing I did not have to go through that experience, I should be thankful for the time we had with him. I could not imagine bonding with a baby for as long as she did and the pain she had, but I am thankful for her story and testimony, because it helped me heal in a level I wasn't ready to heal yet before today. Here is the link to the story.

Well, that is all for today I guess, unless I finally get those pictures taken. Emma is outside right now, so I think I will try to get a few now. That is when she is happiest. She has a full tummy right now too. I made baked chicken with parmesan encrusted top, creamy spinach, and these awesome roasted sweet potatoes that mom gave me the recipe for. (you cube the raw sweet potatoes and put them in butter and dust them with brown sugar or you could probably use maple syrup or honey and then roast them in the oven. Yummy!! Tal said he is a big sweet potatoe fan after eating them at my mom's house, he likes them most anyway now, but this is his favorite.) And we made Emma some broccolli. She went crazy after that and ate three bowls worth before stopping. So she is full and happy, great for pictures.

Before I end, just wanted to say congrats to Jamie, Tal's sister. She started her new job today. We just wanted her to know that we are praying for her and so proud that she got the job.


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Jamie said...

Thank you!! Today went very well...even though most of it was spent in orientation. I am excited to be back with my colleagues from this summer. It's been a long road trying to get to this point in my career...but with the love and support of my family (and extended family) and the loving kindness of my Lord, I've come through to the other side. So, Mary and Tal, just know that if I have come through some tough patches, then you will make it as well.