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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Interesting turns of events...

So today was not our typical day. It started up with us getting up at 4am, after Emma had finally gotten to be around mid-night. Then we packed up and headed to Jackson, TN to attend my great aunt Helen's funeral. It was a hard day for me because I had not been able to visit with many of my Jackson relatives since my grandmother's funeral. And I had not been in the church since her funeral. But it was a bitter sweet time as I saw good friends and family. Also, we were able to show Emma where Gran Jean is buried and my Granny and Great grand father's graves as well. She met Levada, the lady that help my Granny and family through the years. She remembers me when I was Emma's age. Then Emma got to play on the spiral stairs that I played on as a child. ( I know now why my grandmother had gray hairs. Those stairs look real dangerous as a parents, but they were sure fun as kids.) So all in all it was a great day, despite saying good bye to Aunt Helen.

We had lunch at Uncle Ab and Aunt Lizzy's house, which used to be Granny's house. That was sweet, too. I remarked to my Cousin Ceil, Aunt Helen's daughter, how it was only God that I was off work that day. Because originally, I was scheduled to be at work during the funeral and would not been able to attend. But at the last minute last week, I switched a few hours with a gal to help her out. It ended up helping me out. But, unfortunately, I began suffering a migraine just as I sat down to the most delicious looking lunch. Mom finished my lunch and Tal drove Emma and I back to Memphis. Two lortab, one phenergan, and several Sudafed later I am feeling better.

Then I was sitting on the couch thinking, "well, I feel better, I probably could have gone to work for a few hours." when.....our good friend, Deryl called asking what appendicitis is like. Even more unfortunate, it sounds like his wife probably has it, and she just had a baby three weeks ago. So it is now as I write this that I am waiting on their two year old and new born sons, so they can go to the hospital. Thankfully, unbeknownst to them, Tal and I are in town and can help keep their kids tomorrow. Her mom had just gone back to Florida and so they needed some help. So in some ways, I think that maybe my migraine was for a reason, because it I hadn't had it I could not help them out. So what Satan meant for evil, God used for my good!

So I will tell you tomorrow how today ended, but just wanted to relay the exciting times...


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