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Sunday, August 27, 2006

In bed today

Well, yesterday on our way back from Memphis, I started feeling bad. I think that one of my patients had a virus on Friday, and it did not occur to me until a few hours into taking care of her that her pain was coming from a virus not something unusual. Viruses and bacteria are a big thing with cancer patients, so when a patient just has pain, I don't think that they may have the flu. Especially, since this patient wasn't a cancer patient. Although, there wasn't anything I could do differently to not get what she had. Plus, I had not had a lot of sleep lately and was already feeling run down. So all that to say, I spent today in bed. Emma went to church with her daddy. She had a great time in class. The only thing that she did not like was that daddy, not mommy came to pick her up. She ran to the window when Tal got there and started calling for me. But she came home and found me.

Thank you for all your prayers recently. Hopefully soon I can let you know how God has answered them. Tal and I were talking last night, and there are a lot of unknowns about our next few months. He was saying how he was a little nervous because of that. And I rightfully agree with him. I like things to be so planned and perfect. So I am planning on trying to look at all this as a grand adventure. That God has great things down the road, we just don't always see them though. So pray for us to not be anxious for tomorrow, knowing that tomorrow takes care of itself. And that we can give God all the credit for bringing us through, since we cannot take credit for it. Plus, I think that the next year will bring many blessings and in a strange way, some rest and refreshment. So more to come on this....probably in the next few days. And keep praying for us.

Emma is starting to put some connection between the baby and Elliot. When you ask her where the baby is, she automatically points to my tummy. She doesn't do that when you ask for Elliot, but occasionally when you ask her where baby Elliot is, she gets it. Her new thing this week, is sitting on the air vents (all our registers are on the floor) and saying "COLD".

This weeks project is to totally de-clutter our house. I have been wanting to do this for awhile and I only have to work for one day out of the next eight. And Tal, has a longer weekend. He still has to work on Sunday, but he will have Monday off. So we are going to get going on this. Tomorrow, if I am feeling better, which I think I will be. I am going to go through all our clothes and pack up all of Emma's out grown clothing. And go through mine and Tal's and decided which ones we don't need anymore. Then we are going to get rid of them. My goal is to eliminate about half of the things we own by just getting rid of things we will never really use again. And things that are just taking up space, even though they are nice or I might use them in ten years, once! So that is my big plan. I will keep you updated on my progress. This can be my accountablity site for the week. I already have about a truck load of give away things that have accumilated over the past few months. I hope to have about at least one more and hopefully a lot of stuff I can throw away as well. So that is my plan, I hope I stick to it.

Well, I have rambled for quite long enough. Talk to you soon, and I promise, pictures to come.

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