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Friday, August 11, 2006

I don't have a newborn yet.......

These pictures are a little older, but thought they were cute. She was insistent on carrying this old rag of a towel with her as her train. She even made up put it in the car seat. Then she carried it into her class.

I was thanking the Lord that I still have a few more months until I have a newborn, but I forgot about teething. Poor Emma Grace is cutting molars, so I stayed up with her almost all night. Well, until about six am. I was so tired this morning I could hardly move. But my gears finally got turning since we had so much to do today. We had to get ready for the Youth Volleyball bash tomorrow. We had to run up to Sam's and then Mardel's ( a great Christian book store) to get ready for everything. At Sam's Emma found a play house, she loved it. She was not real thrilled to leave. But I figure even I could build her a bigger, better, new and improved house for the 1400 that they were asking for. Finally, we got done with our errands. Then we got home and the heavens opened up. I wanted to take a nap, but Emma was having so much fun yelling "THUNDER" every time that there was thunder. She wasn't necessarily scared but she loved to run up to you and tell you what was going on. Then my brother, Matthew, came from Memphis to spend the weekend hanging out with us old foggies. When he got here, we all went out to eat and then ran over to a surprise party for one of the youth. Now we are settling down for a movie and probably we will all fall out asleep. Emma has already crashed. Having not slept last night and no nap today, so is so tired. But hopefully, I will get to sleep tonight!

Well, sorry no real cute stories. But I like keeping records of my boring days too. Plus, it is kind of neat to look back and see what I have done everyday.


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