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Saturday, August 12, 2006

A great devotional

Christ My Armor
Author: Elisabeth Elliot
When faced with threat of any sort of invasion or attack, whether from human or spiritual foes, it is quite natural to draw back, throw up my guard, attempt to defend myself. The Christian has a far better defense--"Let Christ Jesus Himself be the armor that you wear" (Rom 13:14 NEB). Let me take my stand in Him, come to my enemy without fear, responding only in the power and with the love of Christ.
Who can hurt me then? And what hostility on earth or in hell can destroy me? That person whom I most dread to see, let me meet him as Christ meets him. Let Christ meet him. He is my armor, I am hidden in Him. My weakness, my fear, my hostility will be covered by his strength, his courage, his love.

I wish I was half as deep as her!


Anonymous said...

hope you guys had a good time. we may be home tomorrow since we came up early yesterday. that way your dad will only miss one day of work. it has rained the entire time we have been here--that ususally happens when we come.

mike called yesterday and told me that josh kelley is engaged. He had just been in Memphis and had his fiancee with him. told mike he should have told me; but then stopped and said that he was telling me about the engagement.

Jamie said...

It's it funny how the Lord works...this devotional speaks right to the situation that I described in my comment yesterday. Thank you so much for sharing!