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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fun with Uncle Matt

This is Emma and she has claimed the recliner as her own. She kicked her daddy out and he was sent to the couch. She said she wanted to sit by herself.

Before Emma felt out, since she got up at 6:30 am this morning, we got a few pictures with her uncle Matt.
Emma poses at the youth party yesterday.
Emma gives Uncle Matt a kiss.
Emma hanging out in the youth room, literally.

Yesterday we had so much fun. and really could not have pulled it off as well without the help of Matt. He and Tal ran to Wal-Mart to get a few extra things, while Emma and I baked cookies at the youth room. She helped me set up by washing the floor. (She loves to pour water out and the wash things.) We had a fun afternoon of volleyball, basketball, hide and go seek, and this dance pad that Tal got at Mardels the other day. Actually, the dance pad was a big hit. And it is great exercise. I tried a few of the slow songs, but was not very good at it. Matt was the best out of our family, but several of the younger teens showed all of us out. We had hot dogs, chips, cookies, and coke/root beer floats. It was just a nice afternoon of fun and hanging out. We had several wonderful parents helping out throughout the afternoon. That was such a blessing, because it gets difficult to watch Emma and get everything done.

Today was church. I dropped Emma of for Sunday school and her teacher was not there yet, so I was sitting there waiting for her. Emma kept saying, "bye bye momma" Finally her teacher arrived and she gave me a kiss and went on with her business. She loves her class now. I was the church time teacher when I got there she gave me this look like, "no momma, its not time yet. I am still playing." She did like it when she realized both of us where staying.

We all came home and had pot roast that we had put in the crock pot last night before Uncle Matt went back to Memphis. It was so much fun having him, and we hope we get to see him again soon. Then the rest of us fell out and were very grateful that we weren't the ones driving this time. Emma and her dad slept on the bed, while I slept on the couch. Emma came and woke me up. She is so sweet. Then she decided she wanted some tea. So her dad thought it would be nice for them to go out while I rested a little more. I had given her a cup of juice while she was waiting for her daddy to change. When he picked her up, her juice was left on the floor. I thought she yelled out "juice" but apparently I was wrong because she said "I said shoes" It came out clear as a bell like that. Then I said "juice" and she said ,"no shoes". That girls knows what she wants and doesn't mind telling you. So shoes is what she got. So cute. Tal and I had big laugh. She won't lack for personality.

Hope your Sunday is full of rest and peace. And that the love of Christ surrounds you on every side.


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