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Monday, August 14, 2006

Fun with Emma

Today was so nice. Emma and I just stayed home and worked on the house pretty much. Emma loved to help clean. She wiped down the outside of the fridge and then cleaned the kitchen floor. She does a pretty good job, too! She has had a hard few days because of the teeth she is cutting. (I can count 6-8 possible cutting right now.) But we had a great day. After her nap, Tal was home, so we all had a blast just hanging out and cleaning. She is getting so big. She fell down a little while ago and said, "I okay. No ouchy, no boo boo." Tal and I have so much fun being her mom and dad.

Tal has had a little of a sinus infection, so I made him a chicken soup (homemade) for dinner and put a little spice in it for extra punch. Then I made homemade apple sauce with white grape juice and apples. The last picture of Emma eating that apple is one she stole from me and took off and ate throughout the afternoon. She loves apples.

Have you ever found it hard to even want to try to forgive someone? I have found myself in the position the last few days. I know that it has been harder on me than it should just because I want to be right. I had done nothing wrong in the situation until I refused to forgive. Funny, huh? it would have been no big deal if I had just turned the other cheek. But now, I have hurt over the situation for several days, and now the other person has hurt over it too. So I am going to suck it up and do the right thing. Had I done it in the first place, I would only have to be forgiving, now I am the one needing to apologize!

Author: Elisabeth Elliot
There are dry, fruitless, lonely places in each of our lives, where we seem to travel alone, sometimes feeling as though we must surely have lost the way. What am I doing here? How did this happen? Lord, get me out of this!
He does not get us out. Not when we ask for it, at any rate, because it was He all along who brought us to this place. He has been here before--it is no wilderness to Him, and He walks with us. There are things to be seen and learned in these apparent wastelands which cannot be seen and learned in the "city"--in places of comfort, convenience, and company.
God does not intend to make it no wasteland. He intends rather to keep us--to hold us with his strength, to sustain us with his sure words--in a place where there is nothing else we can count on.
"God did not guide them by the road towards the Philistines, although that was the shortest...God made them go round by way of the wilderness towards the Red Sea" (Ex 13:17,18 NEB).
Imagine what Israel and all of us who worship Israel's God would have missed if they had gone by the short route--the thrilling story of the deliverance from Egypt's chariots when the sea was rolled back. Let's not ask for shortcuts. Let's keep alert for the wonders our Guide will show us in the wilderness.

Now for the pictures!!!!!
Emma and Mary
Emma and Princess
Emma on the slide
Emma and Her Daddy
Emma eats an apple


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