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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Done for the day

Today was not a productive day. Emma did not get up until eleven, so by the time I had her really awake it was time for lunch. Then we went on a short errand and she decided when we got home that since the weather is so nice we should be outside. I had a few phone calls to make, so it worked for me, but I did not get much done. She had a blast. She loves to take her little car and go full speed down the hill. She hated for me to hold on to the car, so I would have to run to the end of the driveway and catch her. She then played with the neighbor's cat for about an hour. The cat is really loving and so good with Emma. She would rub up against Emma and then Emma would sit with the cat against her rubbing her back and head. We cannot have a cat because my mom is allergic to them, but it is nice to have one nearby that she can enjoy. After we came back in, she would stand at the door going, MEOW, MEOW! Unfortunately because our glass front door handle is broken, we have to be careful because if Princess realizes there is a cat out there, she can bolt through the door.

Emma discovered today that the street is fun to run in. I was playing with her and then all of a sudden this super human speed out of now where came upon her and she was across the street. I could not keep up. Thankfully, our street is very quiet. But still, it was our first lesson on streets.

We went to the Benton/Bryant game tonight after much debate. I was tired and have been recovering from a cold/virus, so I was not really wanting to go because it was in Little Rock at War Memorial stadium. But we finally decided to go ahead and go. We had a night of it though. Dinner did not cook on time, which was partly because it took me a long time to get Emma inside. We had a slight meltdown and had to stop and learn to control ourselves. (Sometimes training a one year old is time consuming) So dinner wasn't quite on schedule. Then we finally got there and as we were walking in, Tal walked right up to the entrance to the seats, and I was holding back because it dawned on me as we were walking through a sea of Blue shirts with the word BRYANT on them that we might be on the wrong side of the stadium. When I pointed that out to Tal, he was like, "How did you know it was the Bryant side?" I asked if the blue was a little of a tip off at all. It was great. I love being right, which isn't very often, so I have to glory in my smarts when they happen.

So the only way to get to the Benton side, was to exit the stadium and walk all the way arouhnd the stadium. If we were Bryant fans, our parking space was awesome, but considering we were there to cheer on mostly Benton stuff, it was exactly opposite the part of the stadium we needed to be in. Not to mention up a very steep hill. But whats the fun if it is easy!!! It did remind me that in November when we attend the TN/AR game, I should wear a very sturdy pair of shoes especially seeing that I will be eight months pregnant versus tonights 5 1/2. So remind me in Nov. good walking shoes, no flip flops.

Emma loved the game. Especially when the cheer leaders and bands performed. She put her little arms straight up in the air and would cheer. She also loved to clap whenever everyone else clapped. Sadly, she was mostly cheering and clapping with the other side, because we did not have much to cheer about. When we left it was 17-0 not in our favor. So we made it through our first game, but we told her since we forgot the camera to take her picture, that we would count the TN/AR as her first real football game.

Tomorrow, we have to get all the laundry finished, so we can go to Memphis yet again. I was going to go by myself on Thursday and drive back that night, but Tal needs to be in Memphis for an appointment on Thursday morning, so we are going to leave after church on Wednesday. I am glad because as time goes by with this pregnancy, the drive gets harder, so I won't deny the blessing of having an escort.

Well, I have rambled a lot. It was such a nice day even though we did not get much done. I just wanted to share all the thoughts that were going through my head. I am glad we had a nice time despite all the comic relief moments. I just have so much fun being with Tal and Emma. My life is so cool with them in it.

Talk to you soon,

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