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Friday, August 25, 2006

Another day, another dollar

Well, we are in Memphis again. I worked yesterday and today. It has been just a really great blessing being here. I have gotten to work with my friend, Renee, the last two days and that is so much fun. I really like most of the people that I work with, but she is just a blast.

Emma was not at all cooperative last night when I was trying to get her to sleep last night. She just goes wild when it comes to going to sleep when we are not at home. She cries and cries, I finally got her to calm down a little after about an hour. We watched a few Dora's and spent some time singing. She started back up after mid-night and then finally fell out after one. I know the teeth are an issue. But also the fact that she is not at home. Hopefully today she will do better. I am just too tired to stay up all night again.

Well, we will be back on our way tomorrow to Benton. I will hopefully get some pictures taken and to you all this weekend. Talk to you soon,

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