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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Working, working

Today is when duty calls and I must gas up the old gold van and drive to Memphis. Actually, I love my job in Memphis, but the drive does get a little old. I prefer to drive in and back to Benton though because I get to sleep in my own bed at night, but mom's guest room comes in a close second.

Emma gets to stay with her daddy when I just work one day. If I work two days in a row, they both come with me. Fun, fun! We have a pass to the Memphis zoo, so they spend time there and then with my family back at the Regenold "ranch". (Which is more like a zoo these days, my grandfather, Big Daddy, Mom's dad broke his hip in June and has been in Memphis since then almost. Then about a week later my brother, Mark, broke his left leg playing softball and was on the invalid list at my parents house. Then Mike is busy with golf and Matt is home working. Fun, huh??? Don't know how mom keeps up with all of us.) This fall mom will have all three of us from Monday-Friday as Tal is finishing seminary from August until October. Maybe one day Tal and I will live one town at a time. This has been almost a full year of going back and forth to Arkansas, but eventually, I think we are going to pick just Arkansas. (Which my no means, means that I am going to switch my allegance. And I remind Emma Grace daily that she is a Tennessan by birth. Unfortunately, unless a higher power intervenes, our next little one will not have the same claim to fame.)

I thought I would share some of Emma Grace's cuter moments here, for those who don't get to see her often. She is a hoot. I did not realize that children could have a sense of humor so young, but they do. She is so funny. Her daddy is trying to teach her to raise her arms and shout "daddie" at the top of her lungs. She is catching on quite well, but after a few times, she gets a gleem in her eye and says "MOMMMMMMAAAA" at the top of her lungs and then just burst out laughing. She knows so well that she is funny.

Then the other day she had asked me for a coke. (yes, I give my baby coke, shame on me, but I do give her caffeine free coke, because I cannot keep up with her without caffeine, don't want to see her with it.) As I was getting it for her she was whining and whimpering and trying to hold onto my legs. I decided now would be a good time to let her know that if she wanted things, she only needed to ask me, not whine for things. But after trying to tell a 18 month old about whining, I resorted to just saying, "Emma, when you ask me for something, just ask, you don't need to cry." She looked at me really funny and said, "Momma, I not cryin" Then a few minutes later a baby was crying on the TV, and she said, "Momma, that baby cryin". I have got to write this all down.

So I have written enough I guess. This is so cool. I actually have a place to write my books.....
Ps. I have been listening to Jack Frost from Shiloh Place Ministries on my way to and from Memphis. He is so awesome. And everytime I have listened to them I am thoroughly convicted. It just seems like I take baby steps to change though. He talks a lot about the Father's love for us. I cannot even begin to summarize everything. I am just going to leave you with this one thought. We were created for His love and to give His love away. How different would I live my day, if my goal in the day were to give His love to others. If that was my purpose in the day.

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