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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday joys

Today was full of the normal: church, naps, ands church. It was such a great feeling to be at home and not have to be somewhere for the few hours that we were here. Emma and I took a nap in the back together while Tal got to rest in the recliner up front. Then we hung out together for a few hours before going back to church. It was so nice.

Tal and I are learning the joys of being in the ministry. Mostly that God really likes to work through your weaknesses so He can be strong. I thought that my perspective of being a pastor's wife was pretty balanced and correct, but I am finding that God has used this to refine me in areas I was not prepared to be refined. I guess my biggest surprise that should have been more of a given to me was that the struggles I have faced in past life experiences are really no different than the ones I face here. Mainly, the lessons I failed to learn other places I am just repeating here. And sometimes it is hard to trust the Lord when you feel like you might be the only one standing with you. But it has been good to find that my relationship with Tal is strong, that our visions are one, that our desires for more than just the "norm" are consistent with each other, and that God brought us together for a special thing. Then there are the incredibly sweet moments when a life is changed and you get to witness it, or a kindred spirit is found and you feel a little more at home, or a prayer is answered and you remember what life is really about. So all that to say, sometimes I get discouraged that maybe life will always be hard, but then remember that life is always sweet dispite the trials when the Father is your God. And that there is nothing new under the sun and our Lord has walked before us and has the perfect answers for every question we have no matter how big or how small. So just my musings and my gratefulness for where God has us and the work He has given us.

Here is my thoughts from a much wiser woman. I obviously admire Elisabeth Elliot and her words have caused so much growth in my life that I love to pass it on to you....
"Jesus sometimes refused to reveal the truth about Himself, even when it would have seemed to us "an opportunity to witness." He did not always answer questions. He did not always say who He was. He told some of those He healed to tell no one about it.
"For every activity under heaven its time...a time for silence and a time for speech" (Eccl 3:1,7 NEB). "A man of understanding remains silent" (Prv 11:12 RSV).
Lord, deliver me from the urge to open my mouth when I should shut it. Give me the wisdom to keep silence where silence is wise. Remind me that not everything needs to be said, and that there are very few things that need to be said by me."

So just a thought and maybe I should shut up at that!!! Talk to you later.

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