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Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday, monday

So today hasn't been my favorite Monday of them all. I had a great time working with the kids at St. Jude. Emma had a great day playing with her MeMe and Granddaddy. I think Tal was not so blessed. He had a growing day more than anything. It was one of those learning days where you wish you did not have to learn so much. And one of those days when you have to trust the Lord so much it hurts. I have had to learn to trust the Lord to defend Tal, to help us see where we are wrong, and to give us love and compassion for those we don't understand. God has called His people to work with the lost and broken hearted. Those are not always the "prettiest" people out there, nor the easiest to work with. But it is the call on the lives of the followers of Christ. We are seeing the gapping holes in our love for Christ and our trust in Him alone. And thankfully, He is faithful to help us grow. Pray that we will continue to love Him more and be obedient to His call no matter where it takes us.

Ps. Hopefully tomorrow will have more sunshine.

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