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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fun and friends

Today was so much fun. We spent the morning with my mom and brother Matthew eating breakfast. Then we went to our good friends, Tracy and Deryl's little boy, Reese's 2nd birthday party. Emma was shy at first, but then had a blast. She played so hard that she was sound asleep less than a mile from there house and slept the entire three hours back to Benton. Thanks, Tracy and Deryl for having us. It was so nice to spend time with you and your two boys and the rest of the crew. Emma is still talking about Reese.

Then we got to eat at a home of one of our church families. They invited four families over. Emma immediately cued in on the pool. And almost refused to eat dinner, but the cat helped entertain her. But after dinner she and her daddy went swimming until it was too dark to be in the pool. Then we ate homemade ice cream around the pool. It was so much fun. What a nice day, visiting with friends and family.

Here is a thought from Elisabeth Elliot for today.

The man whom Abraham sent to find a wife for his son Isaac had been long in Abraham's service. No doubt he had learned much of trust and obedience through watching his master walk with God. He set out on his mission, confident that God would help him.

Beside the Well of Aram of Two Rivers he halted his camels and was praying silently when a beautiful young woman appeared with her water jar on her shoulder. She responded to his request as he had prayed she would, and he watched quietly to see whether the Lord had made his journey successful (Gn 24:21).

Very possibly we often miss what God wants to show us because we don't take time to pray silently and watch quietly. It was by doing those two things, along with the obvious practical things (let us not leave those undone) that the servant was able to say, "I have been guided by the Lord" (Gn 24:27 NEB).

Just a great thought. Enjoy the pictures. The new baby is Tracy and Deryl's little newborn, Samuel. He is almost three weeks old. Then Reese is the little boy.


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