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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fires, lip gloss, and swimming in coolers.

Well, today started off as most days do. We watched Dora and then got ready for the day. Emma Grace and I went and purchased a birthday gift for her friend Reese. Of course, she has decided that she might like Thomas the Train stuff too. But we quickly hid it and Dora and Backpack, quickly returned to their state of grace. Then we came home and were going to start supper and do laundry. Yeah, not in our life.

Emma was playing in the den and I was just out of eyesight cutting some meat for stroganoff. There was a tremendous loud popping sound and the electricity went out. Emma was screaming and I assumed she had gotten a new hairstyle. But when I found her hair to be the same beautiful brown and straight silky mess she usually sports, I realized she was not the culprit. The electric company finally showed up about thirty minutes later and our power was restored, only to explode again a few minutes later. My neighbor happened to drive up just as the second outage occured and couldn't open her garage door and went to the electric truck to complain. He very politely told her, no she was mistaken, he had just restored power.(Apparently, he missed the loud boom and lack of power as he was walking to his truck) But as he was telling her this, he noticed a large amount of smoke coming from my property. He had her call 911, and by the time the fire truck got there, Emma and I were watching the back part of our property go up in flames. It wasn't huge, but I wish I had gotten a picture. It wasn't something I could have put out with a garden hose. After about 15 minutes, the flames were out and the electric company free to investigate. Apparently, an electric line had over time begun to sag and either fried a squirrel or other small rodent causing our display of smoke and fire. But all is well and the line is high in the air once again. Hopefully this will be our last bout with fire for awile, two weeks ago I started a grease fire in the kitchen (that is another story, you have to ask me if you want to know about that) and then last week while in Gulf Shores, Mom, Dad, Emma Grace, and I were evacuated from our 11th floor condo at 10pm on night for a burnt bag of popcorn somewhere in the 15 story building. Emma is going to think that this is like a weekly adventure. The picture at the bottom of Emma's back outside, is her telling the firemen "BYE, BYE" at the top of her lungs! Wish is had audio.

So then afterward Emma was playing around outside and found the cooler that we had mistakenly not drained of the water after our trip. She was playing in it, when we saw her do a swan dive into the cooler. She got a wet surprise at the bottem. She thankfully did not get hurt, but was more than happy to go inside and get dried off. (Note to self: drain coolers as soon as you get home.)

Then as we finally were getting dinner cooked about 1 1/2 hours later, Emma decided to paint herself with lip gloss. That is what the pictures are showing. She loves to "get pretty" as she calls it. Then she will tell you "I big"! So we had pepto bismol pink gloss all over us.

Well, that is enough for one day. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I will leave you with two thoughts. One is something I heard yesterday. We all have pain in our lives and we all will seek comfort, but it is up to us what that comfort is. Some chose food, others sleep, others sports, others work, some chose God and His cleft. All the comforts involve lasting consequences, but those consequences not only effect us, but also our children and grandchildren. So next time you are looking for comfort, why not find it in the Rock that is Higher than Us.
And second Elisabeth Elliot said this and I was reading it today "If we really comprehended the measure of the grace of God toward us, surely it would be easy for us to forgive others for the relatively small sins they have committed against us." I should tattoo that on my hand, I need that reminder daily.

Hope you enjoyed the humor of my day. (Although, I am sure it is just my mom reading this. Maybe one day I'll have groupies!!!)



Anonymous said...

I think you do have groupies or are we just family. Aunt Jamie and I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts. Keep up the stories. Grammy

Amber said...

Gracious! What an memorable day! Who says being a stay at home mom is boring!!! :)
Love ya!